About Kristen Watrous: I’m a functional potter living and working in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2017, I graduated from Herron School of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in ceramics, then moved back to Fort Wayne to live in a rad historic neighborhood. I strive to make work that is authentic to who I am, both as an individual and as an artist. Irreverent, empathetic, rude, thought-provoking, political, feminist. I focus primarily on my interests, no matter how niche, seeking out an audience cut from the same cloth rather than toning down my work to cast a wider net. My favorite techniques involve carving into wet clay and decaling on the surface of glazed work, usually on utilitarian pieces made for daily use. My primary objective is to create a consumer’s favorite piece of work; the mug you’re eager to use when it’s clean, the planter you never forget to care for the inhabitant of, the personalized urn that brings you comfort when days are dark. 

Things I like: coffee, scary movies, my almost-husband Dan and the children he brought to the relationship, tattoos, possums and raccoons, mugs with comfortable handles, beards, butts, Jeff Bridges, miniature things, seafood, myspace quizzes, dry humor, memes, podcasts about cults and aliens. 

Things I dislike: mosquitos, hot weather, the integration of robots into our domestic lives, McMansions, cool-toned interior lighting. 

Companies + Humans I like to collab with: The Honey Plant (insert website or city maybe?), Springheel’d Jack Coffee, Deviate Brewing, Bon Bon Bon Chocolates, WhatAGas

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