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All items ordered from this batch will ship before the end of July 2021. I cannot guarantee how long they’ll take to arrive once USPS has them, only that they will leave my possession before start of August. All mugs are 10-16 oz, dishwasher safe and ship USPS.

WHAT YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE: the sepia image on the mug. I’m particularly fond of very general requests (i.e. “something spooky” or “something with elvira on it” vs “that one very specific scene with elvira and the bat”). If you send me a specific image, it MUST BE decent resolution, unobscured, and not awkwardly cropped. I can put text on the piece, if you’d like. Please describe what you would like in the notes field on the checkout page! If you want a specific image, email it to me here ( ) or on Instagram and put your username and what platform it was sent on in the personalize section. If you want floral decals left off, let me know and I won’t include them.

Want some carving or something funky instead of imagery? Let me know! Shoot me a message and we can work something out.

WHAT YOU CAN’T CUSTOMIZE: floral decal type, color, specific mug size.

*** i reserve the right to refuse to put any image on a piece. to put an illustration on a piece, I require written permission from the original artist. feel free to message or email with any questions you have about what can and cannot be put on a piece. ***

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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