Medium Man Mystery Pot Box


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Come one, come all (jk come 5, theres only 5 of these available), and get a box of mysterious and weird ceramic goods. It’s like a holiday gift to yourself (or someone else), and it’ll ship at the beginning of December.

Available in 3 tiers with priority shipping included (use the code MYSTERIOUS at checkout to make shipping fo free), you’re guaranteed to get more than you paid for.

In this medium man, you may get any combination of the following items:

Mugs, cups, spoon rests, shot glasses, bowls, soup bowls, trinket dishes, ornaments, ceramic earrings, magnets, and planters.

Please make a note at checkout if there is something you definitely do not want in the box OR you need PG-13 art instead of my typical vulgar-feral art. Want to pick it up in FtW? Leave that in a note too!

**Each box is guaranteed to have 3 items minimum, but will likely have more.


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